Car Seat Headrest played a short and lively show at Bogart’s on June 29, 2019 punctuated by an almost equal mix of songs from Teens of Denial and Twin Fantasy.  A highlight of the set was an inspired cover of Neil Young’s Powderfinger.  Support was provided by Naked Giant which featured members of Car Seat Headrest’s band.   


  1. Can’t Cool Me Down
  2. Weightlifters
  3. Bodys
  4. Fill in the Blank
  5. Cute Thing
  6. America (Never Been)Play Video
  7. Sober to Death / Powderfinger(Neil Young & Crazy Horse cover)
  8. 1937 State Park
  9. Drunk Drivers/Killer Whales
  10. Destroyed by Hippie Powers
  11. Encore:
  12. Beach Life-In-Death