Rhye Shares New Video “Come In Closer”

Rhye has released a video for “Come In Closer” which reflects the music and is perfect in its innocence.  I could absolutely make kittens dance all day long rather than turn on the news.  Nostalgia is a wonderful thing.   “Come In Closer” is available on Rhye’s new album Home which will be out on January 22nd via Loma Vista . 

Rhye, the project of Los Angeles-based musician Michael Milosh, releases a new single/video, “Come in Closer,” from his forthcoming album, Home, out January 22nd on Loma Vista Recordings. As presented on previous singles “Black Rain,” “Beautiful,” and “Helpless,” every element of Home is intentional and meant to reverberate on a higher extra-sensory plane. This sense of purpose is just as clear on “Come in Closer,” which unfurls with ambient sounds from a rainstorm that descended upon his home studio in Topanga during tracking. Thematically, “Come in Closer” presents how “as relationships deepen and youinvite someone into your world, your life, your home, layers of appreciation, vulnerability, and patience reveal themselves,” whether it be a romantic relationship as in the song or a relationship between siblings as in the video. Directed by Milosh and Genevieve Medow-Jenkins and shot in Big Sur, the video presents siblings “living without fear or inhibition, wild with the joy of simply being.”

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