New Orleans-based Video Age have shared a vibrant, funk-inspired new track today titledShadow On The Wall. Following the band’s 2018 sophomore album Pop Therapy and 2016 debut album Living Alone,Video Age have signed with Winspear to release their first new music of 2020.

Darkness is always lurking somewhere beneath happiness. In the funk-inspired “Shadow On The Wall,”RossFarbe sings, “I got the gloom, baby, covering me / Cuz you’re a cruel silhouette as could be.” For Video Age, even melancholy sounds like something you can dance to. Following Pop Therapy, songwriting partners RossFarbe and RayMicarelli were eager to craft their next statement. Joined by band members NickCorson and DuncanTroast, Video Age went back to Ross’ New Orleans home studio to begin work on a new record. “Shadow On The Wall” is the first taste of what’s to come.

Ray Micarelli on the track, “A song about facing your fears. Although it can be tempting to give in to what’s plaguing you, funky self expression is one way to rise above the fog and see what’s real.”

Listen to Matt Wilkinson‘s thoughts on “Shadow On The Wall” via his Beats1 premiere HERE.

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