Join Greg, Chris, Paul, Mike and Logan in Tigr Tigr’s 11th episode where they discuss underrated movies! Thrill as the guys discuss the following:

Pop culture update:

Radiohead concert, Junun, thoughts on Clappy and bologna sandwiches and concert etiquette
Antman & Wasp
DC Universe Movies – Aquaman & Shazam Trailers!
Aquaman Movie Poster bitching and complaining
Thoughts on Ready Player One
Titans trailer on DC streaming service

Things that I liked:

Kamasi Washington
Bob Dylan – The Copyright Collection
The Art of Solo – Phil Szostak
Comics – Captain America, Black Panther, Infinity Wars, Pringles + Logan!

Underrated Movies

The main content!

City of God
Ninja Assassin
Need For Speed
Used Cars
True Romance
Galaxy Quest
Summer School
Gentleman Broncos
The Riddick Franchise
Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World
Odd Jobs / The Longshot / It’s A Fine Mess
Black Dynamite
Ghost World /American Splendor
Pink Cadillac