It’s Tigr Tigr’s seventh podcast or is it the first episode for Culture Fiend Podcast? In this episode, Tigr Tigr transforms into the Culture Fiend Podcast. Transitions are hard and I’ll eventually figure out how to correct this issue but for now, you can download the podcast at Tigr Tigr Podcast on iTunes and the Google Play store. In this revealing podcast you can join Greg, Paul, Chris and Mike as they drop the old knowledge on a variety of pop culture subjects and the zeitgeist that surrounds it. Stick around as continue their discourse the only way that they know how. This week, the guys discuss the following:

Ready Player One

Thor Ragnorak

The Dark Tower

Star Wars: The Last Jedi On Digital

DC Comic Movies

Thoughts on Black Panther

DC Comics Redux

Favorite Toys and memories of Toys R Us