Some Days Are Darker (Lear Mason) has released the second preview from their upcoming album in the form of “Take Me Anywhere.” “Take Me Anywhere” is a sinister crooner that can’t really be called a love song but it is romantic in a way.  “Take Me Anywhere” is available on the upcoming album Love + Truth which will be out July 31 via Inferno Choir.

“I grew up across the river from Detroit, my mom exposed me to Motown while my dad was a fan of The Stooges and MC5,” said Mason upon the announcement of Love+Truth. “Growing up with that combination of music in our house made what now seems like an unusual pairing seem natural to me. I think you can hear that freedom and those influences in the music I make. I’m getting back to the early fifties style of recording where you just stand in front of the microphone, hit record, and play the song.”