Anytime a chinchilla goes on an adventure, I’m down. Check out the video for “Hold Me Up” below!

Today, Khruangbin have released their first album in four years – A LA SALA – via Dead Oceans. A gorgeously airy album, it was made only in the company of the group’s longtime engineer Steve Christensen, with minimal overdubs. It is a porthole onto the bounties powering Khruangbin’s vision, a reimagining and refueling for the long haul ahead. A LA SALA scales Khruangbin down to scale up, a creative strategy with the future in mind. 

The band has shared the video for “Hold Me Up (Thank You),” a song with familial sweetness in its spare lyrics, feeding off the rhythm section’s sturdy funk shuffle, and a chorus on which the guitar evokes both sides of the Atlantic in confident unshowy rhythm.