Work ‘N’ Roll presents Budetenders XP, an immersive celebration where the essence of Pride intersects with the cannabis realm. Taking place during Pride Month, this event aims to empower and educate budtenders amidst a vibrant, lively setting that celebrates diversity and inclusivity. At Work’n’Roll, professionals find a creative atmosphere that equips them with all the essentials for success in the cannabis industry. This vibrant entrepreneurial hub offers members abundant opportunities for learning and networking, along with ample relaxation to maintain a healthy work-life balance. As a crucial component of the New York State cannabis business community, Work’n’Roll brings together a diverse mix of entrepreneurs and creatives.

 164 W 25 ST FL 12
NEW YORK, NY 10001
Event Highlights

Brand Experiences: Each brand will host a themed station with activities highlighting their products’ unique features and advantages

Informative Sessions: Brief, impactful talks by industry and LGBTQ+ community leaders on inclusivity in cannabis, marketing strategies, and product knowledge

Live Presentations: Demonstrations that entertain and educate budtenders on the latest products and their consumer benefits

Networking Opportunities: Inclusive mixer for budtenders to connect with brand reps and industry peers, sharing insights and fostering connections

Entertainment: Live music, drag performances, and entertainment celebrating the LGBTQ+ community, enhancing the event’s lively atmosphere

Gift Bags: Personalized gift bags with branded merchandise, product samples, and informative materials, extending the event’s impact

Feedback Stations: Interactive booths for attendees to provide immediate feedback, using technology to gather valuable insights from industry insiders