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Eve Stranger – Amnesiac For Hire Arrives Courtesy of Black Crown


According to the press release, Eve Stranger is an amnesiac for hire and the thought of an agent with a memory problem is promising.  Obviously, the intrigue on the series will be immensely high.  I often have difficulty remembering what I’m supposed to be doing on a daily basis, but I can assure you my existence is more mundane. Eve Stranger will be arriving in April as a mini-series courtesy of IDW’s Black Crown line of comics. Please see cover art, advance art and press release posted below.



San Diego, CA (January 2, 2018) — Writer David Barnett and artist Philip Bond debut the ultimate undercover operator in Eve Stranger, a five-issue miniseries brought to you by Black Crown, IDW’s creator-owned imprint for fiercely independent voices. 
Launching in April, Eve Stranger follows a formidable young woman with unnatural abilities and a repeatedly wiped memory, available to the highest bidder under the threat of exploding nanobombs in her bloodstream. 
“Imagine if you were the best in the world at pretty much everything. Super-spy. Assassin. International rescue. The jobs nobody else can — or is willing to — take on. Now imagine if you couldn’t even remember that you saved the world last week, and that you have to do it all again today… or you’ll die. Welcome to the world of Eve Stranger,” says co-creator/writer David Barnett. 
Co-creator/artist Philip Bond says, Eve is an amnesiac-for-hire, the ultimate in discretion. For the right price she can be your babysitter or personal shopper, your scuba treasure hunter or space station saboteur.” 
“Exotic locales, high-octane thrills, doomed romance, and jetpacks,” says editor Shelly Bond. “It’s a smart, spectacular action/adventure series for the jet set.” 

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