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New year, new GHOST RIDER! Continuing his acclaimed work on the character, writer Benjamin Percy will team up with artist Danny Kim to introduce an all-new Ghost Rider in GHOST RIDER: FINAL VENGEANCE #1. Hitting stands in March, the series will see the Spirit of Vengeance turn down a dark road as he abandons Johnny Blaze and possesses a powerful Marvel supervillain instead. It promises to be a very different chapter for the iconic flamehead and like other highly-anticipated launches, it’ll stand out in comic shops with a special FOIL VARIANT COVER. Fans can see the piece by artist Benjamin Su today as they gear up to learn the identity of the all-new GHOST RIDER.  

WHO IS THE NEW SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE? Find out very soon in a special announcement. In the meantime, check out Su’s cover and get a hint at the future of Ghost Rider by picking up the final issue of Benjamin Percy’s current run, GHOST RIDER #21, available now digitally and at your local comic shop! For more information, visit

Greg Kinne
Greg Kinne
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