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Judgment Day is approaching! Kicking off in July, the Avengers, the Eternals, and the X-Men find themselves in conflict in A.X.E.: JUDGMENT DAY, a new crossover event by writer Kieron Gillen and artist Valerio Schiti. To celebrate what promises to be the biggest comics storyline of the year, artists Lucas Werneck and Ashley Witter teamed up on an exciting series of variant covers that will adorn each issue, starting with A.X.E.: EVE OF JUDGMENT #1. These stunning portraits will star some of the most powerful players from all three sides of the upcoming showdown.

Fans can see the following four characters on Werneck’s breathtaking covers:

  • Echo – Equipped with unmatched fighting skills, this former street-level hero now burns brightly with the power of the Phoenix Force. But does she have enough control of her new cosmic power to assist her fellow Avengers?
  • Thena – One of the Eternals’ fiercest warriors, Thena doesn’t always agree with the ways of her species. Will she fall in line when the Eternals target mutantkind or cause a schism amongst their ranks? 
  • Jean Grey – A central figure of mutantkind and current co-leader of the X-Men, Jean Grey can always be found on the frontlines of mutantkind’s greatest battles, ready and willing to use her omega-level gifts against any threat to her people.
  • Destiny – The recently resurrected former X-Men foe now rules the mutant nation of Krakoa as part of the Quiet Council. Said to be mutantkind’s most powerful clairvoyant, she may know more about the war to come than anyone else…

Check out all four of Werneck’s covers now and stay tuned for the rest to be revealed in the coming weeks! For more information, visit

Greg Kinne
Greg Kinne
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