Sunday, May 28, 2023

BET+’s KINGDOM BUSINESS, Starring Yolanda Adams and Serayah, premiering May 19th


Here’s a reminder that Kingdom Business appears tomorrow on BET+! Me? I’m rooting for Rbel. Why shouldn’t I?

Check out the trailer below if you need a visual.


The music-driven series follows Denita Jordan (Yolanda Adams), a gospel superstar who runs an in-house record label, Kingdom Records, in addition to acting as First Lady of First Kingdom Church, who is determined to guard her family and its many secrets at all costs. Just as Denita is enjoying the fruits of her labor, the world she’s worked so hard to put together begins to unravel when an unexpected contender in the gospel music scene threatens her status. Rbel (Serayah) is a young woman on the rise whose checkered past as an exotic dancer is no match for her destiny to turn the gospel world on its head with her new-found voice. 

Greg Kinne
Greg Kinne
Greg started Culture Fiend as a way to discuss the many facets of pop culture. Greg usually surrounds himself with Star Wars action figures, Legos and a healthy supply of interesting films and unusual records.


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