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It is a given that the summer doldrums are setting in.  Couple the doldrums with the ongoing pandemic and you are bound to have a boring time unless you have access to a game or two. This thought is pure speculation and maybe it is more of a ramble. Regardless, I have played GTA 5 ever since it is release and I thought this was cool enough to share.  So, I am sharing! 

After featuring as a resident DJ in GTA Online’s night club, The Music Locker, Moodymann (real name: Kenny Dixon Jr.) returns to the blockbuster game as a fully-realized character – “Kenny,” the illicit underground racing scene’s smoothest contact, in the latest update to GTA Online, Los Santos Tuners.

Los Santos Tuners brings together the best of underground street racing culture, high-octane GTA action anchored by a new social space, the LS Car Meet, in which players can get together and show off or modify their cars, test new rides, go head-to-head in races and much more, including the chance to run into Kenny. 

No stranger to the redline scene in real life, Moodymann’s Kenny character bridges Moody’s real-life love of cars with his in-game character, who plays a pivotal role in the automotive subculture storyline of Los Santos Tunersas Kenny and his partner-in-crime, Sessanta, are looking for the city’s best drivers to assist with a string of epic robberies and car boosts across the city.

Alongside guiding players through a series of action-packed missions, Kenny is also keen to share some new music: “Kenny’s Backyard Boogie,” a potent cocktail of house, soul, hip-hop and more, featuring new and exclusive Moodymann tracks including collaborations with Channel Tres, Nez featuring Gangsta Boo, and Jesse Johnson, guitarist from Prince-affiliated band, The Time, plus a host of classic tracks new and old. Players who visit Kenny at the LS Car Meet will be able to discover the mix on media stick and add it to their in-game radio dial.

Eagle-eyed fans will also spot Moody’s real life Born x Raised jacket on his character worn exclusively in-game, with additional Born x Raised designs available to players in this new collaboration with LA’s own streetwear label.

“Grand Theft Auto’s impact on video game and broader culture in general is undeniable. And even though the game is fantasy, there are some Los Santos narrative threads that closely align to Born X Raised’s origin story in Los Angeles,” says Spanto, founder of Born X Raised. “Thank you to Moodymann for the special request to bring us into his narrative – we are excited to be partnering with Rockstar Games in this way, and we look forward to seeing where this collaboration takes us next.”

The partnership with Rockstar Games grew out of the love for Born x Raised from legendary Detroit DJ and GTA Online character, Moodymann. First introduced to GTA Online as a resident DJ in The Music Locker nightclub during The Cayo Perico Heist, Moodymann’s real life passion for cars has since become an integral part of the automotive subculture in Los Santos Tuners through his character, working under the alias of his real-life name, Kenny. When asked how he would like to be portrayed in-game, Kenny asked to be featured in his own personal, custom Born x Raised jacket – now recreated and updated in game in a new, unique design, exclusively worn by Kenny in-game.

Available to all players in the game are two t-shirt designs in white and black colorways featuring the iconic Born x Raised logo, framed by two cities: Los Santos, GTA Online’s digital homage to Born x Raised’s native LA, along with Moodymann’s home of Detroit, all rendered in Born x Raised’s signature style.

Additionally, Rockstar Games are also releasing the next step in the partnership between CircoLoco Records and Grand Theft Auto: a special DJ mix, “CLR Launch Party,” featuring stem-by-stem reinterpretations of all 20 tracks from the recently released Monday Dreamin’ compilation album from label alum, Seth Troxler.

“CLR Launch Party” comes hot off the heels of the release of the aforementioned Monday Dreamin’ compilation, a collection of brand-new tracks from visionaries and icons from every era of CircoLoco’s 20-year party history, featuring acclaimed new tunes such as DJ Tennis’ “Atlanta,” Rampa’s “The Church,” Seth Troxler’s “Lumartes” and more, as the first release from CircoLoco Records.

The compilation album can be heard playing as players visit the game’s new social space, The LS Car Meet, while collectible media sticks featuring the Monday Dream EPs can be discovered hidden around the city. Players who locate all four media sticks unlock Seth’s special “CLR Launch Party” mix, plus a new CircoLoco tee to wear in-game. All this and much more, available in the next major update to the blockbuster hit, GTA Online: Los Santos Tuners.

Greg Kinne
Greg Kinne
Greg started Culture Fiend as a way to discuss the many facets of pop culture. Greg usually surrounds himself with Star Wars action figures, Legos and a healthy supply of interesting films and unusual records.


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