Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Superette Opens its Seventh Location: The Annex


Superette has revolutionized the cannabis retail game yet again with the opening of their latest shop, The Annex. Taking design cues from a classic Italian deli and the convivial spirit of the college canteen, The Annex offers a one of a kind experience where students age 19+ from both University of Toronto St. George and George Brown College’s Casa Loma campuses can conveniently purchase and consume cannabis, as well as work and socialize –   all in one place. Combining the convenience of a corner deli and the novelty of a cannabis consumption lounge, The Annex is anticipated to quickly become a landmark destination for cannabis enthusiasts from all over the world. 

“Cheese shop? Italian deli? Our newest shop is a true reflection of everything we love at Superette. This highly nostalgic and immersive space is rooted in one of our favourite communities and is a great addition to our growing portfolio.”   – Drummond Munro, Founder of Superette 

Superette continues to push boundaries in retail by re-imagining familiar spaces with their signature playful design elements and gamified experiences, along with an unparalleled assortment of the best cannabis products and accessories. For the first time ever, customers are encouraged to plug in their laptops and take advantage of the shop’s free Wifi, while they work in the same space where they can also legally purchase and consume cannabis. As demonstrated by the unique aesthetic and experiential elements of their other shops, Superette is committed to giving their retail customers an experience beyond buying. The Annex’s 500 square footage space aesthetically feels nostalgic, but in concept is altogether new. Customers enter through Superette-branded doors to find the familiar elements of a traditional neighborhood deli—stools bellied up to the bar, green and white checkered floors, and glass deli cases to display their curated selection of Superette products.

Since its inception, Superette’s award winning design stands out in an increasingly saturated market by incorporating hyperlocal elements and building connections with their local community. As always, Superette’s gamification aspect–in this location the Super Slots offer a chance to win everything from papers and lighters to bigger ticket items like a record player while their signature Munchie Phone is a direct line to beloved neighborhood Jewish deli Rose & Sons–add to the retail experience and complete the full-service experience of Superette’s latest extension. Blending seamlessly into the Annex neighborhood, the shop is a stone’s throw from warm weather favorites Sir Winston Churchill Park and Ramsden Park. 

The first of three Superette openings slated for 2022, The Annex marks Superette’s seventh location, as the brand continues to expand.

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