Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Andrew Pitrone Shares “Life is But a Dream” Video


Shades of Donovan are channeled as Andrew Pitrone shares a brand new single entitled “Life is But a Dream,” alongside an accompanying music video. I wonder if there’s an upcoming b-side of “Lalena” in the future.

As part of a standing 7-year tradition to record on New Year’s Day between Producer/Lolipop Records owner Ignacio Gonzalez and artist Andrew Pitrone, “Life is But a Dream” has a rotating cast of musicians contributing to the track with backing vocals sung by label-mate Abilene Fawn. The track was mainly recorded live using an acoustic 12-string guitar accompanied by mellotron, serval bells and whistles.

“Life is But a Dream” is the first single off Andrew’s four-song EP, Aurora Montages, out this year on Lolipop Records

Greg Kinne
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