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Apostille “Feel Bad” About Their New Video


Apostille is the solo electronic project of Glasgow-based Michael Kasparis (of Anxiety, The Lowest Form and Founder of Night School Records) and he has released his power-poppy, dancey single, “Feel Bad” complete with tongue in cheek video. The video is so tongue in cheek that I chose not to watch it. It was almost a turn off and I would have preferred a soundcloud link. What can you do though other than open a new browser tab to avoid it? “Feel Bad” will be available on Apostille’s debut album Choose Life which is set for release on June 8th.

“Feel Bad was written about transcending a negative experience, ecstasy through living bad” Kasparis explains. “The video was to be stark but warm, people in a room, together. I wanted something completely false in set up – a bunch of people dancing and miming to a song, but I wanted to see if you can get something transcendent and warm while looking directly at the makings of it. Mostly I wanted to test how uncomfortable people, including me, can get before losing their inhibitions.”

Apostille is a man who’s torn through enough sound-systems to know the difference between gesture and meaning. Alongside running his own DIY record label (Night School Records), Glasgow native, Michael Kasparishas spent the last few years making forays into the realm of hardcore punk with his groups Anxiety and The Lowest Form. Throughout all this, his solo electronic venture, Apostille has continued to evolve with each twist and turn of the world. What started off as a quest to whip up a mood and force that into a song has steadily become more of a mission in communication. His audacious 2015 debut album ‘Powerless’, self-released through Night School, set the template by hooking up his honest delivery to some manic expositions in electronic pop. At once minimal and courageous with intent to connect, Apostille songs race off with unchecked abandon, skittering drum machines, thick walls of sequenced synth and decidedly elastic basslines. The resultant live shows, noted for their frenzy and ragged vision, soon left Kasparis wanting to reach out in a more imaginative way than through volume and conflict.

‘Choose Life’ is both the album Apostille chose to make and had to make. He dialed down the clown, built up a new-found confidence in his voice and melody in general and began to feel more at home in the refuge of Pop music (with a capital P).

As Kasparis explains “Choose Life began as a chronicle of a bad time. Many of the songs were written as some sort of catharsis, an escape from a tumultuous couple of years. The album title was intended as ironic at first but as the writing process went on the album began to feel more playful, I was finding revelatory threads in it I hadn’t intended. Choose Life became an imperative.”

All the truest pop music speaks to us of escape and through this new album Apostille allows its transformative power to fully manifest. It’s an album full of life and energy, as disobedient as it is heroic in its pursuit of liberation.

Apostille UK live dates:
May 26th – London, The Victoria
May 27th – Brighton, The Pipeline
May 28th – Cardiff, The Undertone
May 31st – Leeds, Wharf Chambers
June 2nd – Glasgow, The Art School

Greg Kinne
Greg Kinne
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