Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Bjork Releases Limited Edition Vinyl Of “Blissing Me”


Bjork vinyl collectors, take note, you might be interested in this limited-edition coloured vinyl release of “Blissing Me!”

Designed by long term collaborators M/M, Björk releases a limited edition vinyl of the ‘Blissing Me’ remixes today. The vinyl is aqua and packaged in a beautiful sleeve that also uses stills from the lush Tim Walker and Emma Dalzell video for the original song.

One of the remixes strips back the existing layers of song to purely her voice and a harp arrangement by herself, and another is by the enigmatic artist serpentwithfeet who has gifted his heavenly gospel tones to the track.

The vinyl is available now, and will not be repressed.

Utopia is available to stream and buy now
Harp version:
serpentwithfeet remix:


Greg Kinne
Greg Kinne
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