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Bodega Shares New Single “Knife On The Platter”


Bodega is probably the coolest band in the world.  If you don’t believe me then just check out their press photo.  Are you still not impressed????? Just listen to their edgy post-punk single “Knife On The Platter.”  I’m sure you will be floored by its originality.  Rad, right?  It’s so rad that it makes me stare longingly at their press photo.  I wish I was that cool.  Oh, to dare is to dream.  

If you really need to know more:

“‘Knife On the Platter’ is a narrative song. I was imagining a top notch Gena Rowlands-esque actress who is cast in a mediocre gothic who nonetheless elevates the script’s schlocky material through her absolute commitment to authentically live each moment of the play,” says Ben Hozie. “She performs as if the gods are watching – she ‘acts’ as if each gesture will be set in stone for the future to see. That’s a show business trick – when performing imagine your heroes are in the room. You will no longer mess around. Twice in the song Zeus responds via the lightning striking from Madison’s guitar. That’s the thing: even when you are totally alone and lost – someone is (or will always be) watching your actions. Choose wisely.” 

Following Endless Scroll, their “debut full of danceable, pop-smooth punk” (The AV Club), the “Shiny New Model” EP marks a lush new sonic direction for the group – widescreen multi-tracked guitars and a giant sounding rhythm section complement sharp songwriting and yearning vocal melodies. With wild minimalism and laughing wit, they revitalize the rock and roll vocabulary under the influence of post punk, hip-hop, kraut rock, and folk-derived narrative songwriting.

BODEGA is comprised of Ben Hozie (conductor, vocals, guitar), Nikki Belfiglio (art director, vocals, samples, hi hat), Heather Elle (bass), Madison Velding Vandam (lead guitar, producer), and the new addition of Tai Lee (stand-up percussionist). The EP is the band’s first recording done with Tai Lee, its first session at a proper studio, and the first BODEGA release produced within the group (production was handled by Vandam).

The band will tour across North America, kicking off next week at O+ Festival in New York. All dates can be found below and tickets are on sale now.

Greg Kinne
Greg Kinne
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