Thursday, August 18, 2022

Cole Anyway Shares “Days Off” Single/MV


Does a slow groove and an animated wolf boost your Tuesday routine?  Does the sound of a keyboard or a synclavier rock your world?  These are burning questions that probably should be answered in an immediate fashion.  You’re in luck today because Cole Anyway has shared the video and the single to “Days Off.”  If you’re a fan, read more in the press release that follows.  

Cole Anyway is the stage name Los Angeles resident Cole Emoff employs for his cinematic, convention-defying pop. As Cole Anyway, he creates an enveloping trance, drawing equally on lush old lounge records and the smooth, soft sounds of the 1970s, then breaking his chill with appealingly disorienting effects. Cole Anyway takes unexpected turns in arrangements and execution, a gift showcased on the new double A-side single “Days Off“/”On Hold” — a pair of songs equally beguiling in their melodies and vibe. Today, Emoff shares the first of the two tracks, “Days Off.”With its relaxed gait and washes of analog synthesizers, “Days Off” suggests the fathomless possibilities of lazy, uncharted days. Little electronic flourishes and flair keep both songs from following a straight line, accents that reflect Cole Emoff’s regular work as an audio special effects and sound designer. 

On the first of his new tracks, Emoff writes:“‘Days Off’ reflects the carefree feeling of having days off. But also, to me, has the double meaning of the days falling off my memory during the pandemic, especially in LA where the seasons don’t really change and when all days seemed the same.

Sitting with Stillness also came with interactive videos by Cole Kush, visuals that underscored Emoff’s connection to cinema. ‘Days Off’/’On Hold’ continues this with animations by Mike L. Mayfield, while River Cousin provided album art and additional looping animation. Among the other collaborators on the 2022 single from Cole Anyway are a pair of veterans from the Los Angeles-based indie imprint Stones Throw: Will Logan, who drums with MNDSGN, and can be heard on recent material from Kiefer, and mixer Lucas Nathan, a multi-instrumentalist and producer better known by their stage name Jerry Paper. Jonathan Schenke, a mixer who has previously worked with Snail Mail and Parquet Courts, mastered the singles. All their contributions help flesh out the dreamy fantasies of Cole Emoff, whose boundless imagination is apparent on these two pithy, picturesque tracks.
Greg Kinne
Greg Kinne
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