Wednesday, May 25, 2022

CRAIG WEDREN Celebrates Hanukkah with New Video


Craig Wedren just shared his latest video for “Sanctuary,” a track that was originally found on the Verve Forecast compilation Hanukkah+, featuring new originals and standards of the Jewish holiday produced by Grammy-winning music supervisor Randall Poster and featuring tracks from Yo La Tengo, Jack Black, HAIM and more. Watch the video from the acclaimed songwriter, singer, film & television composer and Shudder To Think frontman here and via FLOOD Magazine:

Wedren notes:

“‘Sanctuary’ is about everything from a terrarium, to my grandma’s house, to places of worship-including my studio. It’s about environments real and imagined that connect us to ourselves and to others. ‘Sanctuary’ is also about the cozy hauntings of memories and dreams, some real and some wholly mutated with time, like the story of Chanukah itself.”

“I was asked by a friend to create a video for ‘Sanctuary’ to be used as part of a recent High Holidays event. After we got off the phone, for some reason, I made a sketch of a plant kind of reaching up with its leaves and tendrils. I couldn’t shake the image, and when I started working on the video proper, it led me down a rabbit hole of stock plant footage, which grew into what you see here (not to mention what you see-hear).” 

Greg Kinne
Greg Kinne
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