Sunday, May 28, 2023

Drab Majesty Shares “Oxytocin” Video


I think all of the platinum wigs really are doing it for me in Drab Majesty’s video. It will become my next purchase!

Following their recent appearance at Primavera Barcelona and regional UK shows, LA duo DRAB MAJESTY have shared a third single from new LP ‘Modern Mirror’, which is set for release on July 12th via Dais Records.

Blowing the dust off the antiquarian myth of Ovid’s “Narcissus”, Drab Majesty use its premise as groundwork for a modern reinterpretation. ‘Modern Mirror’ fuses synth-pop-noir aesthetics within the cautious instruction of Greek mythology and modern science fiction, birthing a hybrid of romantic dreamy malaise, captured for a future moment. 

Drab Majesty’s Mona D commented on new single Oxytocin“, saying: “The music was written on a demo rig by Deb while in the backstage of a Warsaw venue waiting to soundcheck. We were on tour with Kaelan Mikla and they were sound-checking while Deb offered this 2-chord repetitive idea that he later expanded upon to create to music for the song. Lyrically the track points to the salad days of a relationship and it’s fleeting energy – The games that are played to maintain the magic. Oxytocin is this fleeting energy of the initial love bond – that seminal semi-permanent spark of enlightenment and obsession only to expire over the course of time and experience.”

The track comes accompanied by a striking video, directed by Leigh Violet, who explains it: “We’re invited subtly inward, beyond the persona into a vulnerable zone, calling to the surface subtle insights about the alternate environs Drab Majesty seem to inhabit. A mood piece eschewing narrative in favour of aesthetic intuition, the video captures a fleeting space between dimensions that disappears again just when we begin to latch hold.”

Greg Kinne
Greg Kinne
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