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Flyte Release New Single “Easy Tiger”


The UK’s Flyte has released their new single “Easy Tiger” and it’s a promising tune for the young band. It treads the familiar ground of a breakup and is fairly to the point.  “Easy Tiger” was recorded with producer Justin Raisen and Ali Chant on mixing duties.  Mark Jenkin directed the subtle video featured below.   

Flyte is Taylor (vox, guitar), Jon Supran (drums, vox) and Nicolas Hill (bass, vox). “Easy Tiger, ”an ethereal and serene track, includes an eerie ambient backdrop and string accompaniment via Derek Stein (Grammy-nominated Wild Up, Yves Tumor) who adds a layer of depth. 

In late 2018 Flyte were riding high off a successful US tour and a string of well received releases including their breakthrough LP The Loved Ones. The band began the process of writing a follow-up, which became the White Roses EP.  Following that release Flyte embarked on an extensive US tour with Jade Bird, where the band recorded covers from artists linked to American cities from Nashville to Chicago; Judy Collins to Elliot Smith, which they have reposted as odes to live music during quarantine; “Almost every state had an artist we truly loved who was from there,” Will said in a recent interview with Evening Standard.   

Despite that success, the months following were wrought with behind-the-scenes turmoil including personal issues, break-ups and even the exit of founding keyboardist/guitarist Sam Berridge. After some retooling and reflection Flyte refocused their efforts on a new batch of material that would channel those recent feelings of loss, regret and catharsis towards the studio in early 2020. 

The decision to record the new material in Los Angeles was born from a desire for a fresh start and self-imposed “musical rehab.”  Will notes, “We had been in London for all of our life and with all the recent changes, we wanted a new start somewhere.  We felt that a lot of our favorite music was coming out of New York and LA lately, and I think there was an edge and a slight darkness about the songs because Los Angeles is sort of alienating in so many ways. There’s also something very restful and retrospective about being in a new city that we didn’t know.” 

Flyte are renowned for their complex and rich vocal arrangements and melodies, with lyrics steeped in literary imagery; Paste has said, “White Roses juxtaposes mournful, contemplative lyrics with tranquil acoustic guitar strums, gentle, jangling hand percussion and The Staves’ preternaturally lovely vocalizations” –  but it was touring in California that recently took hold of their imagination. Inspired by their time in Laurel Canyon, the band recorded their next full-length record in LA. A much-needed new environment to confront the personally challenging subject matter written back home in London, and an opportunity to work with some of their musical heroes.

Greg Kinne
Greg Kinne
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