Tuesday, December 6, 2022

July Talk: Pay For It:: Official Video


The Toronto-alt rock quintet’s Pray For It will be out July 10th on BMG Worldwide and Sleepless in Canada.The first single, named “Pay For It” comes with a video that, altho shot prior to our current predicament, was especially prescient to these harrowing times. Also further explained in the PR below, it was originally inspired by a Roy Scranton quote about living ethically, the video is unavoidably reframed by current events: 

“Five weeks ago we wrapped a music video shoot. The lyrics, the images, the concept…it contextually lived in that moment and meant something personal and specific. Four weeks ago we were editing the video. The lyrics, the images put in sequence… the context had slightly shifted. The meaning of a face mask had changed. The connotation of two hands touching had changed. Two weeks ago crowds of people, a hospital… all carried new meaning. Today we are releasing this video. The news around the world is changing so rapidly that it’s hard to know what these images will mean today, tomorrow, next week,” Sadava reflects.

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