Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Nap Eyes Shares Video For “Mystery Calling”


Nap Eyes have shared “Mystery Calling” opens with shoegazy guitar riff and gently resonates throughout the track. The band’s frontman Nigel Chapman has elaborated on the track below:
This is another improvised-origin song. On one level it’s basically a description of my homebody ways, and it’s also about the way our mundane routines can seem to pull us away from what I’m referring to as ‘Mystery’ in the song– that is, away from the discovery and creation that seem to be more valuable and important activities in themselves, despite being deemed superficially ‘non-practical.’ Now, this irritation and sense of being drawn away from what’s important is probably mostly illusory. This is because the cosmic mystery is probably accessible even in the midst of the most boring and stressful busywork. At the same time, as any good procrastinator should know, there is quite a lot of good that comes from letting the mind ignore apparently pressing worldly activities in order to let it roam, explore, discover and create.
The mesmerizing  video, directed by Antoine Lahaie, was inspired by films like Blade Runner and Under The Skin and by notable film industry figures like Yorik La Saux and Ana-Maria Trudel. “We don’t know whether they’ve been there before, if they’re stuck there and passing time, if they have a purpose or they’re just chilling,” says Lahaie. “It was also important for me to keep it abstract and unresolved. Even though I like to be tongue in cheek I didn’t want to fall into something comedic.

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