Sunday, November 27, 2022

October and The Eyes: All My Love (Official Video)


Today I present New Zealand-born, London-based singer & songwriter October and the Eyes. October has recently signed to KRO Records following an introduction to the label by fellow musician and friend Yves Tumor and is set to release her debut EP Dogs and Gods on Nov 20th. Today, October is sharing the lead single & video All My Love from the record online now.

Speaking about the track, October said: “’All My Love’ is unfortunately a love song – something I told myself I would never write yet here I am. But it’s not all sweet. In fact, I would call it more of a lust song. 

It’s about being in love but lusting for something more. It’s about desire, greed, and infatuation with a stranger.

The song became strangely prophetic in recent months as I watched the one I once loved self destruct from afar “in tin cans and other crumbs of temporary self satisfaction” – a line I wrote before I could even comprehend that it would become remotely true. Because of this, the song is now tainted with a strange sadness that I’ll carry with me every time I perform it.”

Greg Kinne
Greg Kinne
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