Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Ruth Radelet Shares Debut Single “Crimes”


I was looking forward to Ruth Radelet’s (Formerly of Chromatics) new single, “Crimes” and I’m somewhat disappointed.  While I dug Radelet’s vocals with Chromatics, the absence of producer Johnny Jewel is widely apparent. Radelet’s new tune “Crimes” feels hollow and cheap.  I don’t know but maybe it’s me.  Maybe the breakup of the band signifies a moment in time and sound that can only be obtained by listening to Jewel’s new music.  Maybe I’m pontificating a little too much.  Listen below.

Today, Los Angeles-based artist Ruth Radelet releases her debut original single, “Crimes.” After fronting the beloved and influential band Chromatics for over a decade, “Crimes” launches Radelet’s next chapter as a singer, songwriter, and performer. Utilizing the talents of friend and producer Filip Nikolic(Poolside), Radelet’s first solo effort conveys her unmistakable style and distinct voice. “Is it easy to start over?” echoes throughout the dreamy chorus of “Crimes,” capturing a cinematic mood uniquely her own.

“‘Crimes’ is about the pursuit of success at the expense of one’s integrity, and the exploitation of others in order to get ahead,” explains Radelet. “It’s about the price we pay for our choices, and whether or not it’s worth it. The question, ‘Is it easy to start over?’ can be interpreted in two ways – it’s meant to ask how it feels to continually reinvent yourself until you lose sight of who you are. It also asks how hard it would be to walk away from it all.

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