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TWÏNS Shares New LPThe Human Jazz LP Out Today via Earth Libraries


Are you ready to get elevated?  If not simply elevated then taken to another plane?  If you’re in that frame of mind, check out TWÏNS new album The Human Jazz.  It’s a psychedelic adventure that I don’t feel embarrassed when I say it channels the mighty CAN.  Throughout the album, you’ll pick up on a 70’s vibe that could paint any room green. The production on The Human Jazz is also top notch.  Give it a listen below and you’ll be glad that you did.


TWÏNS (the musical project of Berlin-based artist Miro Denck) shares his long-awaited album, The Human Jazz, out today via Earth Libraries. The new record is a collection of home-produced, world-infused lo-fi soul/psychedelic pop tracks.

Speaking on his brand new album, Miro wrote the following:

“All in all, [The Human Jazz] was sort of a therapeutic break-up record, I just felt the necessity to record and process certain things through recording music. Usually, the sudden urge to write music comes to me through certain moments that I perceive as “pure”, moments when I feel particularly alive. That can be when I feel a breeze in my hair and sunbeams hit my face, it can be the light in the morning or a very stimulating or exciting human encounter. I normally feel the desire to either write music or poetry, but there’s just some energy that needs to go somewhere. To express aliveness. So in a sense, this album is also a collection of pieces of music that capture observations, it’s me trying to say ‘look how beautiful this world can be when we’re in touch with our very nature.’

The way I see it, art is always an attempt at making people feel or experience things you feel, which can be anything really, it can be falling in love, feeling anxious, angry, joyful, pointing out injustices or living a higher spiritual experience. In form this can be through sound, through image, performance or through telling a story, there’s so many ways. As such, I believe that people will take from it what they can, each through the lens of their own experiences and predispositions. That’s all I can offer. Ideally it makes people excited about certain things that they haven’t been before. I like when I listen to music, maybe I sit somewhere and look at the world around me and suddenly it makes me realize something about the sheer vastness and beauty of existence. If that would happen to someone listening to mine, that would be very beautiful.

I recorded and produced [this record] all by myself. In that sense it was to me what recording music alone has always been to me, retreating to a safe space and opening up completely. Experimentation, trial and error until I found the language I was looking for to say the things I wanted to say, but for most part it’s sort of a cleansing, spiritual experience in which I feel closer to the world around me as well as within me, closer to love, closer to life.”

TWÏNS’ new album, The Human Jazz (out today via Earth Libraries),was mastered by Carl Saff, and produced + engineered + mixed by Miro Denck.

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