Sunday, May 28, 2023

Watch Jacob Turnbloom “Balboa Park” (Official Video)


Jacob Turnbloom goes the Where’s Waldo route in his video for “Balboa Park.” I don’t get it, I found Waldo – isn’t he supposed to be missing? Regardless, check out the tune that’s heavily influenced by the sound of the California coast. While you’re at it, watch for some great shots of Southern California.

Today, SoCal artist Jacob Turnbloom is sharing his first single for Dangerbird Records Microdose Series“Balboa Park” see’s the prolific artist channeling sun-soaked, harmony-laced pop for a euphoric song about his hometown of San Diego.

The accompanying visual finds Turnbloom playing a Where’s Waldo character as he leads us through the city’s landmarks, a smile on his face as the Beach Boys-esque harmonies infuse the song with an irresistible catchiness. “I’ve written 4 albums worth of depressing, cynical, self deprecating, introspective crap” he comments,  “I wanna write songs about falling in love and eating ice cream. This one’s about food and zoo animals.”

For many artists, the decision to turn toward more creative freedom means meandering into formless freak-outs, ambient psychedelia, or some kind of synth pop experiment. Not so for Jacob Turnbloom, leader and principal songwriter of beloved SoCal fuzz pop purveyors Mrs Magician. Additional forays with The Grave Walks, Blessure Grave, First Wave Hello, and many other bands have provided Turnbloom with ample opportunity to refine a signature style of caustic yet sentimental garage pop prowess. But Turnbloom’s newest solo endeavors find him forging a different path, fully embracing melody and earnest, simple songs.

Jacob recorded “Balboa Park”, along with a whole album, in a tiny corner of his apartment during the pandemic. He dove into producing his own music and developing his musical ideas from concept to completion. Writing and playing everything, the process was sometimes lonely, while the results reveal clearly that his time was well spent. In them we hear a songwriter definitively raising his abilities, growing in isolation, and offering a couple of singalongs that could play a small role in bringing us all back together someday.

Greg Kinne
Greg Kinne
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