Sunday, May 28, 2023

Tigr Tigr Podcast: Episode 14:: Forget The Titans


Join Greg, Chris, Paul and Mike in Tigr Tigr’s 14th episode where they discuss a whole lot of nothing and then provide commentary to the Titans DC Universe Show. Thrill as the guys discuss the following:

Free Form Rant

Dog Toe Taps

Smell-o-vision replaces television

Pop Culture Wrap Up

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Bob Dylan reissue, Dinosaur Jr., Social Distortion concert


Halloween Films


The Evils of the Night

An exploration of the Internet Movie Database


Star Wars references

Final Exam

Hallmark Channel Films

Blue Moon Winter Wheat

Main Segment

Running Commentary on the first episode of Titans DC Universe Show

Greg Kinne
Greg Kinne
Greg started Culture Fiend as a way to discuss the many facets of pop culture. Greg usually surrounds himself with Star Wars action figures, Legos and a healthy supply of interesting films and unusual records.


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