Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Tag: Superman

DC’s Heroes and Supervillains Meet The Masters of The Universe

DC Entertainment and Mattel are joining forces to bring fans of the INJUSTICE Digital First comics and anyone who’s ever screamed “I Have the...

DC Comics Gets Edgy With “Black Label”

DC Black Label sounds like a welcome return for DC Comics' more adult-oriented line, formerly known as Vertigo, albeit rebranded for this generation of...

DC Comics Gives Fans A Bonus Story From Action Comics #1000

On April 18, the worlds of comic books, entertainment and pop culture will unite in recognition of a true milestone with not only the...

Oversized Superman One-Shots Arrive In May

This May, the talent of Action Comics writer Dan Jurgens and the team of Superman, Patrick Gleason and Peter J. Tomasi will bring their...