It’s the Tigr Tigr/Culture Fiend’s eighth podcast which will remain as the Tigr Tigr podcast. Changing the name of this podcast would be very involved, so it’s staying as it’s directly tied to Tigr Tigr for download purposes. In this episode, In this revealing podcast you can join Greg, Paul, Chris, Logan and Mike as they drop the old knowledge on a variety of pop culture subjects and the zeitgeist that surrounds it. Stick around as continue their discourse the only way that they know how. This week, the guys discuss the following:

A rusty catch up

A Message From The King

Opinions and differences on film

Batman’s impending nuptials

Star Wars comics

Music talk…Greg turns into a curmudgeon.

Han Solo trailer

Soapy The Germ Fighter!

Cult Movies…

Horror Hound Weekend and more!