Outer Limit Locus are a super creepy group. How do I know that they are such a creepy outfit? Well, they’re Norwegian and that’s tantamount to being perceived as creeptastic. Secondly, they have found a way to incorporate a touch of Seals & Croft’s “Summer Breeze” into their new single “Let The Night Ride You Home.” Thirdly, you can listen below and tell me I’m wrong just for laffs. Listen below:

‘Let The Night Ride You Home’ is out on 17th March 2023 via Sheep Chase Records with a full length album scheduled to drop 12th May 2023. 

Outer Limit Lotus formed in 2015 when three of the members from noiserock cult legends Haust went on a definite hiatus. Taking the darkness along with them but expressing it in a completely different way. Changing from brutality to coldness, desperation and a musical curiosity that lead the band from intense deathrock to ice cold post-punk, which has now evolved into a new and unique expression. Bringing forth desperate ballads, soothing melodies and welcoming the darker sides with playfulness, beauty, daringness – as well as welcoming the masses in to participate. With the first singles from their second album ‘Dazzling Darkness’, Outer Limit Lotus are ready to take the step from being the music connoisseurs favorites to invade the common listeners – and shake them up a bit.

The Norwegian band has kicked off the release of their new album ‘Dazzling Darkness’ with their singles ‘Again Like Yesterday,’ ‘Soft Hand’ and ‘The Beach.’ Their upcoming single, ‘Let The Night Ride You Home,’ captures the essence of their new record with it’s haunting beats and intense melody. The gothic and punk-rock sound of Outer Limit Lotus is heavily influenced by musicians including The Durutti Column, Christian Death, Bauhaus, The Cure, and Wipers. 

This track also shows the bands experimentation with instruments that we can expect from the rest of the album. The band explains their creative process, “We tracked a lot of different instruments such as marimba, saxophone, trumpet, pedal steel, steel guitar, grand piano (both strings and keys), twelve strings guitar, mandolin, drum machine, different synthesizers and electrical organs and back up choir.”

The gothic sounds being met with new instruments of this song bring us into the alternative punk-rock world of ‘Dazzling Darkness.’ Outer Limit Lotus anticipates the upcoming single, “This is a party banger for vampires and ghouls, our love letter to everything gothic.” 

‘Let the Night Ride You Home’ by Outer Limit Lotus is available to stream 17th March 2023 via Sheep Chase Records. Their album ‘Dazzling Darkness’ will be released on 12th May 2023.