Are you looking to celebrate 420 the right way? Why get stuck with the same old, same old and why not give the following brands a try?

Klaus Mezzrole

The vibe: rooftop sunsets, outdoor happy hour, golden hour bliss

Ready-to-drink THC-infused cocktail by famed master-mixologist, “The Cocktail Whisperer,” Warren Bobrow.

Pickett’s caramelized, spicy ginger cane syrup, zesty French lime puree, and a splash of rice vinegar that gives way to bursts of heady salt spray complement the notes and aromatics of the Hippie Crasher strain for a delicious, unique and uplifting cannabis cocktail.

Named after Mezz Mezzrow, jazz musician, Louis Armstrong’s friend and cannabis dealer. “Mezzrole” was slang for a finely crafted cannabis cigarette.

NEW dosage: 5mg THC per can; sip to your desired effect.

NOW AVAILABLE DTC as well as at select CA retailers.

Price: $48/4-pack via DTC, varies in retailers.

First-time customers can use code DRINKKLAUS25 for 25% off your purchase!

Malus Granny Smith OG

The vibe: picnic in the park, stroll in nature (preferably with a pet), afternoon BBQ

Carefully crafted low-dose, live resin THC-infused cider.

Malus ferments a mix of apples’ freshly pressed juice to create cider, which is then dealcoholized before it is infused with sativa-dominant Sour Diesel live resin extract and cannabinoid oil that has been emulsified to evenly disperse throughout the beverage.

Bright up front with sweet apple blossom aromatics, the cider gives way to ripe honeyed apple, with a kiss of lemon and white flowers on the finish. With a rich mouthfeel, the true-to-fruit flavor profile is punctuated by a subtle green, hoppy note that balances out the sweetness beautifully.

Malus’ effects are uplifting, metered and consistent.

Dosage: 1mg THC per can; sip more than one and as  you please to your desired effect.

NOW AVAILABLE DTC as well as at select CA retailers.

Price: $6/can, $20/4-pack via DTC, varies in retailers.


MXXN (pronounced ‘moon’)

The vibe: brunch with a signature cocktail, the best pre-dinner drinks, post-dinner espresso cocktails you won’t regret

MXXN offers 1:1 non-alcoholic, THC-infused spirits replacements for tequila, gin and bourbon, made to be subbed into all of your favorite cocktails

Available in three varietals that give you a glow without the booze: 

Jalisco Agave (tequila) – Notes of sweet agave, oak, vanilla,  with hints of flint and salt

London Dry (gin) – Floral aromas with refreshing citrus, juniper and cucumber

Kentucky Oak (bourbon) – Notes of charred oak, vanilla and demerara sweetness are reminiscent of Kentucky’s famous barrel aging

RECIPES including MXXN margaritas, Café MXXN, MXXN Martinis and more,

Dosage: 100mg THC/750ml bottle; 8mg THC/60ml (2oz) bottle

Standard 1.5oz shot pour = 6mg THC

Available DTC and at select CA retailers.

Price: $79.99/750ml bottle; OR try all three varietals –  $30/variety pack of 3, 60ml bottle


Love Yer Brain

The vibe: paint night, picking up the guitar, writing in your new journal

From Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips, Love Yer Brain’s cannabis infused edibles are crafted for creative humans.

The strain-specific live resin gummies are available in Watermelon, Green Apple, and Blue Raspberry flavors, featuring strains that foster creativity like Sour Diesel, Dosidos and Purple Haze.

Brain-shaped gummies come in packs of 10 pieces at 10mg or 25mg THC/gummy (100mg or 250mg THC per package)

 Also available in single-serve brain packs of one 20mg THC gummy, or one 50mg THC gummy.

Love Yer Brain merch also available, including backpacks and swim trunks featuring paintings by Wayne Coyne himself.

Available in select OK retailers, with NM coming soon

Price: varies by retailer