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A world of Odd-Paws is ready to be discovered! Entertainment One (eOne), Hasbro’s (NASDAQ: HAS) global entertainment studio, announced the launch of Odd-Paw Vet, a new intellectual property and digital animated series featuring brand-new characters, worlds, and stories for kids to discover… with a hybrid animal twist. The CGI animated series for kids ages 2-5, features Billie the Odd-Paw Vet and her Odd-Paw sidekicks, Rokz the Dino-Pup and Nova the Unicorn-Cat, as they explore a world of other Odd-Paw creatures in need of help, nurturing and care. The first three premiere episodes of Odd-Paw Vet are available to watch now on the official Odd-Paw Vet YouTube channel with a total of 40, 5-minute episodes dropping weekly thereafter. 

Odd-Paw Vet welcomes viewers to the fantastical town of Odd Springs where odd is good and a range of super-cute hybrid animals reside including Kangarafee (giraffe-kangaroo), Barrot (parrot-bear), Mummy and Baby Durtle (turtle-duck), Elefrog (elephant-frog), Pigoodle (pig-poodle), Drabbit (dragon-rabbit), and more. When these Odd-Paws need help, it’s up to Billie the Odd-Paw vet and her sidekicks to answer the call to care! 

“It’s exciting to be among the first to launch a brand-new property in the veterinary play space for young kids on YouTube with Odd-Paw Vet,” said Olivier Dumont, President of eOne Family Brands. “Being a digital first IP will allow us to test the appetite for these adorable and nurturing characters and learn from the viewing behaviors in real-time, with potential opportunities to expand the storytelling and brand in the future and truly build fandom organically.” 

Odd-Paw Vet is co-created by Emily Mullock and Patrick Baggatta, with Amuse serving as the production partner. Odd-Paw Vet is from the inhouse original digital team behind the hugely successful Peppa Pig Tales and Baby Alive original series on YouTube.

Greg Kinne
Greg Kinne
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