Sunday, March 3, 2024

Meet High Priestess


It seems like forever since I have had time to think.  Today must be the day and for that reprieve, I say thank you.  I’d also like to introduce High Priestess for your aphrodisiac enjoyment.  I’m sure it can make things extra spicy in the waning days of summer.  

HIGH PRIESTESS is a cannabis sexual wellness and lifestyle brand offering formulas that cultivate pleasure, ease, intimacy, and uplift through the synergy of time-honored plant medicines, including hemp and cannabis. Founded by an engineer and herbalist with a background in wellness, but more importantly, a woman that believes in the power of plant medicines to bring us closer to ourselves and each other. HIGH PRIESTESS is the first and only black woman-owned brand that encapsulates sexual wellness and cannabis lifestyle.

HIGH PRIESTESS offers a collection of organic intimacy products from aphrodisiac smoke blends to awaken the mind and body for sex and intimacy, to arousal oils formulated for women, femmes, and folks with vulvas, to infused lubricants for all bodies, genders and parts.


HIGH PRIESTESS’ line of products range in price from $12 for a Hemp Flower Herbal Preroll to $140 for the Vibrate Higher Pleasure Collection. With collection offerings such as the Mini Vibrate Higher Pleasure Collection, Menstrual Support Collection and the Hemp Flower Herbal Smoke Blend Collection, the brand also offers à la carte pleasurable products such as:
– Arousal Oils 
– Lubricating Intimacy Oils
– Hemp Flower Herbal Blends and Prerolls
– Menstrual Support Hemp Herbal Tea

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