Sunday, March 3, 2024

NY brands HIGH PRIESTESS & boys of new york release an all new campaign


Fashion and Cannabis join forces pre NYFW to exude chill end-of-summer vibes with the HIGH PRIESTESS x boys of new york collaboration. This joint project marries culture, community, and intimacy in this editorial campaign, keeping sub cultures pertinent in respect to “stoners” and “hypebeasts” alike, while also promoting pleasure and sexual wellnessHIGH PRIESTESS, an NY-based cannabis sexual health & wellness brand, and boys of new york, a staple brand in NYC that has been on the downtown scene for at least half a decade, have come together to offer a visual experience of a day in the life of a New York Yorker, who just so happens to enjoy smoking weed! Combining the highly regulated cannabis vertical and the expressive, freedom-loving fashion industry, both HIGH PRIESTESS and boys of new york are working together to destigmatize the way the public perceives the pleasurable and healing cannabis plant, while showing off some well made clothes and sexy products in the process.
HIGH PRIESTESS’ line of products range in price from $12 for a Hemp Flower Herbal Preroll to $140 for the Vibrate Higher Pleasure Collection, and offers innovative collections such as the Mini Vibrate Higher Pleasure Collection and the Hemp Flower Herbal Smoke Blend Collection. boys of new york’s casualwear-inspired pieces consist of tees, sweatshirts, hoodies, jackets & caps, and range in price from $40 for caps to $195 for jackets. boys of new york uses a mix of deep and muted colors such as emerald green, mauve, sage, forest green, cream, black and white in its staple collection, suited for everyday life.

I’m so excited about the fusion of fashion with cannabis, because it’s an opportunity to tell stories that are (behind the scenes, nothing new) but have never really been told. And that’s what Isi and I wanted to do with our collaboration. As founders of two brands deeply influenced by the rich tapestry of New York’s many cultures—encompassing everything from fashion, art, and ingenious creativity to hip-hop, luxury, and individual styles—we sought to merge these influences. Our goal was to intersect them to tell a beautiful visual story about cannabis and fashion, celebrating our unique and creative cultures all while giving prominence to the cannabis plant itself. “

– Ashley Jelks, Founder of HIGH PRIESTESS

As a designer who takes a lot of inspiration from New York City, I am excited to be collaborating with such a great NY-based brand in a totally different business sector than mine. By aligning with a like-minded brand, it creates a stronger narrative and helps each other grow our respective audiences and communities”

– Isidoro Francisco, Founder, Creative Director and CEO of boys of new york

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