Sunday, November 27, 2022

Island Shares Video For “Octopus”


There’s a lot of music out there.  There’s occasionally too much music that thinks it’s worthy of my attention.  I’m not a snob by which I mean, I kind of am.  I found Island interesting and for that, you should be appreciative.  I kid of course. Read the press release below the video for more information.

Recorded in semi-locked down London last summer, the band went into the studio  with producer Mikko Gordon. The result is a single that sees the band experimenting with more complex production and introducing new textures, instrumentation and recording techniques to expand and further hone in on a sound that has been theirs since their inception.

The band says, “‘Octopus’ describes the feeling of looking back on rebellious teenage years from a time where an impulse to cause trouble has been replaced with new sentiments. It’s about the conflict felt as a musician between wanting to grow older and wiser and wanting to stay young, and it asks if we as a world are only interested in stories, and whether normality is something to be desired. A world in which you might be persuaded to change yourself to fit in, like an octopus changes colour to adapt to its surroundings. The song ends by flirting with the idea of reverting back to old ways, and getting back to making trouble.”

Greg Kinne
Greg Kinne
Greg started Culture Fiend as a way to discuss the many facets of pop culture. Greg usually surrounds himself with Star Wars action figures, Legos and a healthy supply of interesting films and unusual records.


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