Lionlimb Release New Single “Dream of You” (Feat. Angel Olsen)


Lionlimb – the project of New York-based singer/songwriter/producer Stewart Bronaugh – releases the new single, “Dream of You,” featuring Angel Olsen, from their new album, Limbo, arriving May 24th on Bayonet Records. “Our new song ‘Dream of You’ featuring the astonishing Angel Olsen is out today. I wrote it about my dog I lost two years ago,” says Bronaugh. “I was having a recurring dream that he was still alive and I got to hug and kiss and smell him again. It was so realistic and though the song may not reflect it, it was the happiest feeling ever.”

“I’ve been a fan of Lionlimb since 2012, and for a time – part of the band toured with me and recorded on albums Burn Your Fire For No Witness, and My Woman,” says Olsen. “So naturally when Stewart asked me to sing on ‘Dream of You’ I knew it would be vibey and beautiful. I tried to enmesh myself in the recording and sing in more of a way that complemented the dreamy backdrop of the song and story of Limbo.”

The smoldering single leads Limbo, tapping into universal themes of romance, longing, and loss, as Bronaugh transforms his personal struggles into love songs. Using images inspired by nature, he expresses being overtaken by a force greater than himself, as the psychedelic instruments evoke vast landscapes.

On Limbo, Bronaugh evokes a surreal sense of escape, but also underscores his grappling of the past. Inspired by a palette of ‘70s Italian film soundtracks, ‘60s girl group music, and funk and soul ballads, Bronaugh has crafted unfurling soundscapes that feel mysterious and otherworldly, yet timeless and nostalgic at the same time. Bronaugh brings these influences together to invent an immersive sound all his own—with help from close collaborator Joshua Jaeger, whose live drums bring a rawness to Limbo’s meticulously layered production.
Limbo is a culmination of Bronaugh’s years of production experience, as he composed, produced, and mixed the project almost entirely by himself, with additional recording from Robin Eaton. Growing up in Nashville, he started playing piano, guitar, and fooled around with a Roland digital multitrack recorder as a high schooler. The Lionlimb project took shape in college, where he met Joshua Jaeger, and the two soon released their 2016 debut LP Shoo and 2018’s Tape Recorder. All the while, the duo traversed the world, playing sold-out shows as part of Angel Olsen’s touring band, while also taking on festival slots as Lionlimb. Now, Bronaugh is always inspired to make experimental production choices that capture his instincts in the moment. “My favorite part of making music is the mistakes,” he says.