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OSEES Announce ‘Live At The Chapel’ SF’ LP


“The Chapel, SF 10.2.19”


Osees at the peak of their prog obsession, super jammed out and totally dominating. “The Chapel, SF 10.2.19” is a 53 minute, beautifully recorded, hi-fidelity live explosion of orc puke and kraut-gone-punk rock dominance by one of the rippingest bands of the 21st century.

2 x LP set, in limited black, colored and handmade vinyl editions with side D etching and faithfully (re)created TMOQ-style bootleg album art, limited edition cassette and digital. 

Release date: June 12th, 2021

Label: Castle Face: Digital, Silver Current: LP/Cassette

Catalog number: SC43


Recorded by: Antoine Ramadour & Ingrid Lejins
Mixed by: John Dwyer and Eric Bauer
Mastered by: JJ Golden
Live sound by: Sam Ramadour

Osees title stamp: Arik Roper

Etching: Carlo Vivary.

Layout and design: John Dwyer and Ethan Miller

Mixing: John Dwyer and Eric Bauer

Mastering: JJ Golden

OSEES and additional musicians: John Dwyer: lead guitar, vocals, flute and others
Tim Hellman: Bass guitar
Dan Rincon: Drums
Paul Quattrone: Drums
Tomas Dolas: Keys
With: Jamin Barton & Scott Reams: Horns

The Chapel, SF 10.2.19 LP

01 Static God
02 Jettisoned
03 Henchlock
04 Together Tomorrow
05 Animated Violence
06 Gholu
07 Plastic Plant
08 C
09 Nite expo
10 Encrypted Bounce

Greg Kinne
Greg Kinne
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