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Peel Reveal Lead Single “Rom Com”


I just love Rom Coms. They’re possibly my favorite type of films. Oh, how I relish anything with a cheeky girl and her sly guy. Actually, I don’t think “Rom Com” has anything to do with those cinematic masterpieces. You’ll discover more as you delve deeper into Peel’s lead single that it’s a dark piece of songwriting that you can listen to below.

Peel is the musical partnership of Sean Cimino and Isom Innis; both multi-instrumentalists, as well as a visual artist and producer respectively. The project was born from a month-long recording session between the two artists within Innis’s concrete loft, above The Orpheum Theatre in downtown Los Angeles. The cavernous space served as an industrial incubator for musical experimentation: where fleets of sewing machines once reverberated in the 1930s with metallic rhythms, now echoed the sounds of drums, amps, and modular synthesizers.

Rom-Com” was their first song ever written as Peel. On it, the two create a wall of sound paired with a hypnotic groove that takes you out of your head and into a moment. “We are obsessed with records like Second Edition (Public Image Ltd.) and The Pleasure Principle (Gary Numan); records where spirit and improvisation guide expression. The lyrics, deriving from stream-of consciousness, are from the perspective of trying to find your existential footing in the cyclical information spiral,” explains Innis.

  “Rom-Com” is available across all digital platforms today via Innovative Leisure. The single also comes paired with a live recording and video entitled Broadcast 006 which is also included on PEEL – out  October 16. As much of a visual project as it is a sonic one, Peel enlisted the aid of graphic designer and art director Taylor Giali who documented the duo through arrays of photographs and hazy analogue-video; manufacturing a familiar yet distinct visual language. Broadcast 006 is an interactive performance video created by Giali, Peel and photographer Robbie Jeffers filmed during a live studio performance of “Rom-Com.” The video, comprised of multiple camera-angles, allows the user an unlimited amount of unique viewing experiences through “scrolling” and “clicks”.  Listen and watch below.

Greg Kinne
Greg Kinne
Greg started Culture Fiend as a way to discuss the many facets of pop culture. Greg usually surrounds himself with Star Wars action figures, Legos and a healthy supply of interesting films and unusual records.


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