Sunday, March 3, 2024



This post is a little roundup of things you might try, imbibe or consume on your most holy of days. Check out the products below from the very reputable companies that are listed. As always, use responsibly.

Delta 8 Joints

Delta 8 is a cannabinoid that produces a super-pleasant high — prepare for all the euphoric, warm fuzzy vibes. 


Cloud 9 Pipe

Available in two colors, Aurora and Twilight

Available in 1:1 and CBD


Rolled using higher CBD and lower THC cannabis than typical weed, BOGARTS help you relax but don’t make you highBOGART Pre Roll 5 Packs include five .6g CBD Hemp smokes for $25 USD at


Single (.07G) & Hash Infused Joints (1G), Eighth & Eighth Hash Packs (5 x 0.7G)

For our hand rollers, the spliff tokers, and the free birds who wanna do it their own way. All natural 100% flower always and forever.14G greenhouse & outdoor flower.

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